Thank you for choosing to volunteer to help someone in need!

Please note the following information related to this form:

  1. Included in an email announcement requesting help from volunteer therapists following an "Event" (e.g., flood, shooting, etc.) will be a "Named Event." To volunteer for a "Named Event," or more than one "Named Event," place a check mark next to the name of the event(s) you are volunteering for.
  2. If you are volunteering to provide pro bono EMDR therapy, and you are not responding to a particular "Named Event," please place a check mark next to "All Events" on the form.
  3. If you are adding events to those you have previously volunteered for, please complete a new form with the new Named Event(s) checked.
  4. If you are assigned a pro bono client you will recieve additional information from an AzTRN Coordinator.